What is TaeKwon-Do

TaeKwon-Do can be translated, from the Korean to English, as “Art of hand and foot fighting” whereTae = Foot, Kwon = Hand and Do = Art

TaeKwon Do is a relativley new martial art, when compared to Japanese martial arts, with its foundation by Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi, 9th Degree (1918 ~ 2002) on the 11th of April 1955. The new art was based on ancient Korean fighting techniques and were improved by adding modern day physics, making TaeKwon Do one of the most powerful and graceful martial arts.


General Choi continued to develop TaeKwon Do, by improving the techniques and teaching his art to the world, until his death in 2002. General Choi’s work is continued by the International TaeKwon Do Federation (ITF) which was founded by General Choi on 22nd March 1966.

Where To Find Out More:

The ITF Website

To learn more about the Tae Kwon-Do taught at the Academy please look at the Official ITF TaeKwon-Do web site


The Academy Forum

Over on our forum page you will find a learning section dedicated to the various aspects of what we teach. You are invited to ask questions and even post your thoughts to add to the discussions.