What is Korean Kickboxing?

Korean Kickboxing, KKB for short, is a relatively recent sport which is rapidly growing in Scotland. This particular style of Korean Kickboxing is a martial art created by Master Thompson, an VII Degree blackbelt in the Korean art of TaeKwon-Do. It is a sport which combines both western boxing and eastern martial arts (the hand techniques of boxing and the kicks, strikes and blocking of TaeKwon-Do) which creates a unique and very effective fighting style. The sport is popular with both women and men who wish to gain fitness, good co-ordination skills and excellent flexibility
Korean Kickboxing is also a true sport, with technical knowledge, good physical conditioning, tactical intelligence, ethic qualities and agility.

What is a typical class like?

Part of it is a high-energy, low-impact workout, sometimes to music. You won’t get bored because no two classes are similar. That is what makes it fun! Then you’ll get to try out those kicks and punches on our pads, shield and kickbags, before you are let loose to try them on an actual opponent. You wear what you want, but keep it baggy and loose. We train in bare feet, but you may wear shoes if you have a foot condition.

Can I become a Black Belt in Kickboxing?

Regular gradings are available, so you have the opportunity to progress through the grading system established at the club. You grade from your first belt (yellow stripe) and then continue right up to black belt standard. The gradings consist of the student demonstration the competency of a number of key techniques and fitness required to attain a specific grade…. Or perhaps you’ll just continue training because your fitness is improving and you’re having fun! Each individual’s progress is very important to us, and we recognise that we all have different needs and preferences. 

What are the benefits of kickboxing?

There are many benefits to kickboxing, it is a complete and total body workout; it is the most dynamic and popular way to get in shape.  Korean Kickboxing is a high energy sport which incorporates martial arts techniques with boxing skills. Kickboxing will give you self-defence skills you previously thought un-obtainable.

There are benefits for everyone 

  • You’ll learn to defend yourself in many situations.
  • You’ll build self confidence and self esteem.
  • It’s an effective stress relief program.
  • You’ll increase strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • Great cross-training aspects for other sports.
  • You’ll have lots of fun getting into shape and that’s a promise!!!
  • Plus, what we teach you may help save your life someday!

Can I enter competitions?

For those students wishing to compete in competitions, the opportunity to do so exists only once you have gained the necessary experience. The Academy is strict about safety, and no student is allowed to compete in tournaments until the instructor permits them to do so.  Sparring will be made available in the class environment, however, it is stressed that that it is only practiced by those who wish to do so, and in a safe and controlled manner.

When is it on?

Our KKB classes are held on Monday’s (8:30pm-9:30pm) and Friday’s (7:00pm-8.00pm) at our purpose built martial arts centre in 65 Baltic Street, Montrose.